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Anyone around?

I have a new life.

And I am wondering if people are still around.

Oftentimes in this community I felt like I was talking too much about myself.

Halloween is coming, I wish I could throw a party, but I don't have enough local friends.

Has anyone gone to those meet-ups things and actually found them interesting?
 I get scared at that stuff because I have gone to some "anime fan" meetings and it was mostly guys looking at boobs.

If you are still interested in this group, say Ni.

I am back with some topics.

It seems like I left this community to die but really I didn't, real life just took over! I am not one for excuses though, on to it!

I would like to open up discussion, about introverts in general, because in my experience with them as friends, and being one, it seems some of us suffer from things like panic attacks, extensive anxiety, and just nervousness.

I HATE speaking up in public, but I will throw myself into these situations so I get used to it, I did that a lot in high school.

I am also aware that I never really properly introduced myself, and I will keep this minimal because before anything, I think I am who I will describe in the following sentences, and nothing else. If I could put down "member of the human race" I would do so, but I think I must try.

I am an intj with feelings and an intp with science.

I am very introverted but also rather extroverted at times, I want to DO something in life regarding science, but I also want to do this with others, in a group, work towards a goal, I like leading by example, it is what I do, I don't think I am better than someone or something like that, I just see possibilities.

I enjoy painting, and want to take classes someday.

I think that is enough about me, if there are still people around I would like to see you come back, if not, that's ok! I can make this a regular rant. 


I find myself a lot of the time in IRC roleplaying, does anyone enjoy that?

Would anyone be interested in IRC-based RP? I am not a fan of any system or any type of "dice" things, I just do it freestyle, I can't play with too many rules, I think it makes for things to get boring.

Has anyone roleplayed before?

First post.

First post, not going to introduce myself until others do!


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