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Intuitive Thinkers of CO

...and their friends :D.

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A community for CO intuitive thinkers (MBTI) and their friends.

If you want to know what you are go here:


This community does not discriminate against sensors or other types, as it might be associated by the title, also, if you're out of state you can join, but you must let us know your posts are only relevant in a theoretical sense :D.

I created this community because it is a social experiment, localized, and like a good NT I want to know if NTs are actually the only people I can associate with.
I don't want this to be focused around MBTI, so if you have questions about it, go ahead and post, but if there are too many of them I will ask that you go somewhere else to get what you need.
Like google :0.

I have made a small introductory thing to make it easy for us to sorta get to know each other, so after you join please post it under a cut if it's too large:

Where are you?:
MBTI type:
Favorite Science/Subject in School/Do you hate school?:
Favorite Cartoon Character:
What do you think about MBTI?:
Are most of your friends NTs or Intuitives?:
Why did you join this community?:
Any other comments or interests of yours go here:

Feel free to add interests I can add to the community to the list somewhere up there when you post.

For now, this is an experiment, it goes without saying that rules are common sense don't come in here to sell things, advertise any political parties, or basically spam, you will be banned otherwise immediately, and if you don't know what is considered spam just comment after joining, otherwise, personal attacks and the like earn three warnings before I have to unfortunately ban people.

If this grows it might eventually be a repository for projects/interactivity with society, or just a place to unwind.

abstract systems, art, asimov, chemistry, elephantorz, entj, entp, feynman, intj, intp, life, math, monkiis, newton, open-mindedness et al., physics, science, social equality, stephen hawking, systems, the universe, travel